Our mission

Driven by our passion for architecture and our sense for innovation, we strive to make the impossible possible with natural stone. We do that by creating innovative building solutions, by using inventive and sustainable products, by building a creative and diverse international team and by collaborating with groundbreaking partners.

Our vision

Apart from continuously improving our workmanship and reliability, Senta has specifically invested in becoming an outstanding mediator that bridges the gap between the imagination of the architect and the realism of the engineer. The gap between a vision and the rules of nature. Therefore we have committed ourselves to remaining up to date on the developmental possibilities of the processing of natural stone, as well as staying open-minded and experimental towards new applications.
Senta always visits the quarries and factories for quality and color control, and due to our in-house engineering and coordination team, in the end, we’re responsible for making a drawing come to life. Along the years Senta has proven to be a creative collaborator when delivering solutions to ground-breaking architects and developers, who have used natural stones for surprising, sustainable, and innovative architecture.


During our existence of more than thirty years, our experienced team of more than 20 professional erection workers, site engineers, supervisors and foremen, have become experts on the physical qualities of all types of natural stone, which enables them to choose the safest type of anchoring and equipment. Being at a construction site, however, obliges us and our workers also to be concerned about the safety of each and every person at the job-site. To support the team in this, our supervisor has the Safety for Operational Supervisors VCA Certificate. The VCA is the Safety Checklist Contractors which gives a guideline for safety plans and meetings, acknowledged in the Benelux. We are acquainted with the RACM-requirements.

The team

Our team includes a number of employees that have been working for Senta BV for quite some time now. Through the years though, it has always been supported by one or two temporary interns. Because of our long-term experience with interns, we have become increasingly skilled in supporting the development of students working for Senta BV.
Both founder and general manager, Fatih Özgür has been leading Senta since 1989. With a background in Economics and Management (Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey), he has been a key figure in the establishment of a renowned and worldwide-operating company within a relatively short time. From Senta’s homebase in The Netherlands, Fatih Özgür is responsible for the acquistion of projects and for both the commercial and strategic development of the company.