Marble Eiffel

14.10.19 | The year 2019 marks our 30 Year Anniversary, since Senta was established back in 1989 by its owner Fatih Özgür. In this interview Fatih tells about his urge to create, the future of Dutch skylines, Prefab 5.0 and Paris' Eiffel made of marble. Enjoy the read!

Hourglass redefines ‘prefab’

03.09.18 | “Thinking outside the box is a typical trait of an architect that wants to realize a new language of shapes. For example by using a material for something it wasn’t actually meant to be used for ...” Read more in this article about project Hourglass for which Senta and Byldis developed the first natural stone prefab construction ever.

We’re looking for a Drawer/Planner!

15.06.18 | Senta is looking for an enthusiastic DRAWER/PLANNER (Bouwkundig tekenaar / Werkvoorbereider) who is willing to be part of our team starting right away. For further details, please check the vacancy online HERE, and do feel free to contact us!

Hourglass, Amsterdam

11.06.18 | Senta is super proud to be part of the iconic work for project Hourglass, that will be exhibited during Prefab Reality symposium 2018 at the Byldis factory. We hope you will come and meet us there on the 15th of June!
Read more about the symposium

Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

28. 05.18 | Working hard to finish our work in Leidsche Rijn, the biggest and most ambitious brand new district in The Netherlands.

Deventer City Hall wins prize 

11.12.17 | "Perfectly integrated into the small-scale inner city..", the jury chose Project City Hall Deventer as the winner of the Abe Bonnema Architect Prize 2017. According to the jury the project was " accomplishment of exceptionally high architectural quality, inspiring future generations and serving as an example.." We are real proud to have been part of this prestigious project! Read more about it in this (Dutch) article.